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Welcome to ӰƵ

A word from our President

Dear all,

Welcome to Anglo-American University!

Whether you are visiting us for the first time online or in-person, you can rest assured you are in the right place. You are in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, which ranked the for students in the world in 2022. It was also the in the world in 2021 and we believe it to be true of this wonderful city.

“Praha caput regni” in Latin means that Prague is, and has been the capital of the Czech Kingdom since the Middle Ages. Almost 1 000 years of historic settlements in Prague are supported by many, well-preserved documents and monuments.  Our campus, the Anglo-American University (ӰƵ) is located in Lesser Town, the very heart of Prague. The University is situated in the baroque Thurn-Taxis Palais which, in the 19th century, belonged to the Thurn Taxis Family. The Thurn-Taxis family is known mainly for establishing the post service in the Czech Kingdom and playing a key role in the post-service business in Europe. The palace itself was used by Thurn-Taxis family members for hosting important guests, especially those from the Czech national renaissance movement in the 19th century.

Additionally, Prague has a great history in education and science. The first Prague university founded in 1348 by the Czech King, and Roman Emperor, Charles IV is the 2nd oldest university in all of Europe!

World personalities of science and art like theologian Jan Hus, astronomer Tycho de Brahe, mathematician Johannes Kepler, composer Johann Amadeus Mozart, physicist Albert Einstein, composer Antonín Dvořák, and many others, spent an important part of their professional lives in Prague. Foundations of systematic pedagogy were laid by Johann Amos Comenius, a world-famous educationalist of the 17th century, world-wide known as the “Teacher of Nations“. 

Anglo-American University is proud to be in Prague and part of such a grand history! ӰƵ provides a modern education based on the Anglo-American traditional teaching meaning a focus on teaching in small, dynamic groups, facilitating real-world experiences with seminars, internships, and project-based education to identify and satisfy individual learning needs.

ӰƵ possesses a dual accreditation consisting of Czech accreditation provided by the Czech National Accreditation Office and American accreditation provided by WSCUC. Our university is the only institution of higher education in the whole Czech Republic with a U.S. accreditation which enables U.S. citizens to apply for FAFSA (Federal Student Aid). We are excited to launch FAFSA for our student community soon.

Our dual accreditated programs provide a comparative advantage to graduates because they are highly competitive in both, the U.S. and European Union labor markets. With 80+ nationalities represented, our ӰƵ student body is international and the campus environment is truly multicultural. Student Council represents the student’s interests and desires, acting as the liaison between the administration and the student body. We have 30+ student clubs with different focuses and activities.

I am proud that the ӰƵ faculty and staff treat each student with dignity and respect, which contributes to our growing reputation and general goodwill. For ӰƵ, the journey doesn’t end with graduation, many ӰƵ alumni remain in contact with their Alma mater! We look forward to seeing, hearing, and celebrating the activities of all our graduates either in collaboration with, or as part of, the ӰƵ Alumni Council.

We’re looking forward to having you with us!

doc. Ing. Jiří Schwarz, CSc,
President of Anglo-American University