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Anglo-American University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs across five different schools as well as in cooperation with international partners. You can enter ӰƵ as a first-year student or if you have credits that are transferable, you can apply as a transferring student. We have rolling admissions, therefore, you can submit your applications all year round.  During the application process, you will always have a dedicated Admission Counselor available to assist you and answer any questions you might have. 

For detailed information regarding the admissions process, please see the ӰƵ Admissions Policy.

Decide which program suits you best

The first step is to decide on the program you would like to study. Currently we offer 28 undergraduate programs (including concentrations) across three schools. For more details see the full program list.

Our internationally accredited programs are available for only a fraction of the cost of similarly accredited programs around the world. As such, you can earn a fully accredited U.S. bachelor’s degree in three years instead of four. This is only possible because of the unique combination of European and US accreditation that Anglo-American University has!

Prepare and collect required documents

Once you decide on the program of your choice it is time to prepare the documents. You will be able to upload them directly via the ӰƵ Application Portal once you start your application.

We also accept applications, for details about the process for applicants from CommonApp, please contact admissions@aauni.edu.


In order to apply please register and submit an online application via the ӰƵ Application Portal. There is a non-refundable CZK 1,000 application fee which can be submitted online through the portal. You will also be able to submit all required documents directly through the portal.

Please note: If you are applying for an undergraduate program with the John H. Carey II School of Law, please follow the requirements here

Prepare for an Interview

Once your application is reviewed by an Admissions Counselor, an interview with the Dean’s Office of the school you are applying to will be conducted. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about Anglo-American University and for the Dean’s Office to learn more about you. The interview can be scheduled either online via Skype or in person.

Wait for Final Decision

The Admissions Office will notify you through e-mail on the outcome of your application one week from the date of your interview.

After Acceptance

While a scan of the documents listed above is sufficient for application, acceptance, and registration to the first semester of studies within the US accreditation, you will be matriculated and able to attend courses only after submitting verified documents.

Anglo-American University requires all students to submit verified copies of documents (High School Diploma and High School Transcript) prior to the first day of classes. Detailed information on the type of verification required can be found in the Admissions Policy. Please make sure you read the Admissions Policy in detail.


Students aiming to study in a Czech-accredited degree program must also provide a certificate of recognition of their secondary education completed abroad*. The recognition, otherwise known as nostrification, is the process of having previous education recognized by Czech authorities and is part of the process required for studying in a Czech-accredited program. Detailed information on how to obtain the nostrification certificate can be found here.

*For students studying in the Czech Republic: if you wish to study in a Czech-accredited degree and have not obtained a Czech maturita diploma, nostrification also has to be completed.