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For Partners

For Partners

Education and innovation go hand in hand, which is why we partner with a range of companies and institutions, both domestic and international, who share our values and vision. These collaborations benefit all parties involved, granting our partners access to our considerable academic expertise, resources, and talent; and, in turn, affording our students applied learning opportunities while also enabling us to stay competitive and connected as an institution. 

Tailor-Made Language Courses

We offer language courses designed specifically to cater to the needs of businesses. Starting with highly-qualified lecturers, the vast majority of them native speakers with teaching experience, we take an individual approach to serving each client and are able to customize our courses to meet the specific demands of your organization–adjusting content, timing, and pricing to best suit your requirements. We also offer online learning options in cases where your employees cannot come to our premises. To learn more, contact Veronika Johanovska, at veronika.johanovska@aauni.edu.

Data Analysis

If you have a surplus of HR, financial, or other data you don’t know how to handle, we can analyze that data to help you make sense of it and put it to good use. By extracting meaning from what was once chaotic and overwhelming, transforming data into information, we can equip you to make more systematic and informed decisions in managing and growing your business. 


Become an official ӰƵ sponsor and support our mission to prepare learners for leading a meaningful life by making an appreciable and lasting impact on the world. Benefit from increased exposure and brand awareness, networking and relationship building, and discounts on space and facilities. Importantly, sponsoring us grants you access to a pool of potential employees and motivated interns who could become the future workforce of your company.

Benefit Partners

Build your brand awareness within the ӰƵ Community by offering students, staff, faculty, and alumni discounts on your products and services. In return, we list your company on our website and announce those products and services through our social media channels and newsletter. 

For more information, please contact partnerships@aauni.edu

Education and Research

Contribute directly to ӰƵ’s teaching mission by furnishing guest speakers, professional experts, or influencers to present and contribute to research at our university and by opening your doors to our students, alumni, faculty and partners in the form of academic field trips and applied learning opportunities (see below). Find out how to collaborate with us on class projects, special programs, research, and more here.

Applied and Academic Learning

Play a pivotal role in shaping the education of tomorrow’s innovators and leaders by offering applied learning opportunities at your company. By partnering with us, you have the chance to be an official internship provider, share professional opportunities with our students and alumni, and take advantage of on-campus professional development offerings that will directly benefit your employees and, by extension, the efficacy and efficiency of your business. 

ӰƵ Event Services

We also facilitate further networking and educational opportunities by renting out classrooms and other spaces in the beautiful Thurn-Taxis Palace and providing a variety of event services. 

A few of the organizations whose events we have hosted:

  • British Chamber of Commerce 
  • Česká spořitelna 
  • The Fulbright Commission 
  • Charles University 

For more details about availability and pricing, contact us at events@aauni.edu.